[AG-TECH] Testing for the Condor/Paradyn Week

Vikram Gazula gazula at mailhost.ccs.uky.edu
Thu Mar 8 17:15:42 CST 2001

	Tomorrow morning I will be arriving in Madison, WI and plan to
have the porta AG node setup by afternoon around 3:00Eastern time. I would
like the remote sites who are planning to attend the Condor week to
participate for testing.

The remote sites who planned to particapte in the Condor week are 
UKy, KU, NDSU, UNM, BU, Dartmouth, ANL(Joseph Insley - ?)
Please send me a mail to confirm if your site will be available for
tomorrows testing.
The testing will be in Lucky Lab around 3:00.

For more info about the condor week agenda please refer

The event will be grid-cast only on Monday and Tuesday.


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