[AG-TECH] Headsets on Gentner

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Mar 5 15:21:01 CST 2001

At 02:16 PM 3/5/2001 -0700, Don Morton wrote:
>I think I've seen this at the FL - I want to maintain a
>headset (with mic) that works independently of the other
>mics and the main speakers (i.e. the headsets work
>when all the other stuff is turned on, and they also work
>when all the other stuff is turned off).

We've done it with headsets, not yet with mics.

>The "mad scientist" in me looks at the Gentner matrix and thinks,
>maybe naively, that, for
>Headset mic:
>     Connect to something like Input B on the Gentner and route it
>     to Output A (like) the other mics

You probably want a mic input, just in case it picks up speaker audio (so 
you get cancellation).

>Headset speakers:
>     Connect to something like Output B on the Gentner, and
>     have that routed from the Input A (same place the PA
>     gets its audio).


>This seems a little "too easy" and I know I"m not considering
>things like impedance matching, maybe blowing out my headphone
>speakers (or my ears), etc........

Blowing out headphones isn't a problem, just watch the levels.

Impedance matching might be an issue; as may bias/phantom power 
requirements for the mic. I'd start with turning off phantom power for the 
input, if you're plugging into a mic input.

>Did I ever tell y'all about the radios I've fried while serving
>as an electronics tech in the Air Force?  :)

Cool! You're hired!

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