[AG-TECH] Colour transmission

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Mon Mar 5 15:21:54 CST 2001

I think this is my last question for now - I see a number
of sites, including my own, that seem to trasmit only 
B&W.  Two of these other sites are new, like ours, so I'm
wondering if there's something we might all be missing.

I've played with every control I can find on vic but still 
seem to put out only B&W.   Before I had our AG working via
a bridge, I was only transmitting our image locally, and the
colour was great.  Now that I'm broadcasting to the rest of
you, I look like an old movie (better yet, an old Leave it
to Beaver episode - gee Wally! :)  Has anybody dealt with this 

Thanks, Don

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