[AG-TECH] Headsets on Gentner

Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Mon Mar 5 15:16:03 CST 2001

OK, this is scary, I'm understanding just enough about the
Gentner to get myself into trouble :)

I think I've seen this at the FL - I want to maintain a 
headset (with mic) that works independently of the other
mics and the main speakers (i.e. the headsets work 
when all the other stuff is turned on, and they also work
when all the other stuff is turned off).

The "mad scientist" in me looks at the Gentner matrix and thinks,
maybe naively, that, for 

Headset mic:

    Connect to something like Input B on the Gentner and route it
    to Output A (like) the other mics

Headset speakers:

    Connect to something like Output B on the Gentner, and
    have that routed from the Input A (same place the PA
    gets its audio).

This seems a little "too easy" and I know I"m not considering
things like impedance matching, maybe blowing out my headphone
speakers (or my ears), etc........

Did I ever tell y'all about the radios I've fried while serving
as an electronics tech in the Air Force?  :)

Does anybody have practical experience?  Again, I'm sure I've seen
Lisa using a headset with things like the speakers turned off, etc...



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