[AG-TECH] Another Distributed Slide Show Format

Marty Hoag Marty_Hoag at NDSU.NODAK.EDU
Fri Mar 2 11:04:06 CST 2001

   Since Acrobat Viewer now operates within Netscape (and probably other
browsers) I'm wondering if we'd get more benefit by working on better
ways to either share general desktop apps (multicast and optimized vNC
thing) or at least distributed browser viewing.  

   A better T.120 or whatever might be useful, especially if it included
things like shared pointers on the desktop, a way to capture a laser
pointer so the remote audience can see what the speaker is pointing to
(this happened at the UKy seminar Wednesday), etc.  But then if there is
a quick clever tool that can be built for something like shared pdf that
would be useful too.  I think Bob would agree that DPPT was one of those
quick clever tools built for a specific event and look how useful it has

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