[AG-TECH] Would like to schedule the AG for 4/13

Valerie Taylor taylor at nile.ece.nwu.edu
Fri Mar 2 13:35:00 CST 2001

I would like to schedule the AG for Friday, 13 April 2001,
9am - 5pm, PST, for an iAAEC meeting (www.iaaec.com).  We
are in the processing of making arrangements with some AG
nodes for the meeting.



Valerie Taylor 				Northwestern Univ.
taylor at ece.nwu.edu			ECE Department
Associate Professor			Evanston, IL  60208-3118
http://www.ece.nwu.edu/~taylor/         847.467.1168 (voice)
					847.467.4144 (fax)

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