[AG-TECH] Video Image

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Jun 13 09:26:36 CDT 2001

At 02:41 PM 6/13/2001 +0100, Mike Daw wrote:
>I have an image from my camera that is not right at all. There are 2
>1. There is a thin monochrome strip at the top of the image window (top 10%)
>that has the bottom of the image interweaved.
>2. My image started off being green. Now it's blue. I tried another camera
>and it was black and white.
>Has anyone else seen this and how can I solve it? One possible reason for it
>is that I am using the EVI-D31 camera, which operates to the PAL standards.
>I guess the software is all written for NTSC. However, if it is this, I
>don't know what to do about it.

On the capture vic, bring up the menu and see what the "Signal..." dropdown 
menu says. I suspect it may be hardcoded to NTSC; try switching it to PAL.

This is probably another tweak we need to make to the setup software, to 
pick PAL or NTSC ...


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