[AG-TECH] Wall material for AGnode

Marty Hoag Marty_Hoag at NDSU.NODAK.EDU
Tue Jun 12 12:09:54 CDT 2001

Supreeya Miller wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> CHL is in the process of setting up a room from an existing office space for
> the AGnode.  There are walls have to be removed and added.  They want to
> know whether there has to be a special material applied on the walls or
> special type walls, may be for creating good sound.  I'm not able to answer

   Hmmm.  First - I'm not an acoustic engineer but the room we are using
was originally developed for interactive TV.  They put some 2'x2' panels
which are a couple inches thick (I think they are made of some solid
foam material) and covered with somewhat light blue cloth flat on the
back wall. On the side walls they put the same panels but zig zagged
them out a few inches every other seam so the wall surface isn't flat. 
But I don't know if they did that for acoustic or esthetic effect. 
;-)   You can see part of the back wall at
but I don't think I have a good picture of the sides (I could make some
if someone REALLY wants them).

   I think a hard rear wall could make the room very "live" and using
some sort of acoustic material might help kill the audio reflections so
you get a dryer sound.  At least personally, a room that is too live can
get old fast.  But I'm sure your architect may know more about that.

   One ongoing discussion though is what color to use on walls.  I know
ANL has used black curtains and I think I've heard them say they
wouldn't use that color if they had it to do over again.  The light blue
on our back wall seems to work ok (but we have lighting challenges and
camera angles that don't always take advantage of that).  Others can
probably explain what the ideal background colors would be.  


> this question.  Since they ask and willing to do the best thing for AGnode,
> I think it is worth try to answer this question.  Can anyone help me,
> please? (I attached a picture of the space where we will setup an AGnode.
> Supreeya Miller
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