[AG-TECH] Wall material for AGnode

Mary Fritsch fritsch at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jun 12 11:05:49 CDT 2001

ANL and other remote sites often use WallTalker material....
It provide a good projection wall as well as the characteristics of a 
whiteboard (writing and erasing on it)...

Mary Fritsch

At 10:53 AM 6/12/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>CHL is in the process of setting up a room from an existing office space for
>the AGnode.  There are walls have to be removed and added.  They want to
>know whether there has to be a special material applied on the walls or
>special type walls, may be for creating good sound.  I'm not able to answer
>this question.  Since they ask and willing to do the best thing for AGnode,
>I think it is worth try to answer this question.  Can anyone help me,
>please? (I attached a picture of the space where we will setup an AGnode.
>Supreeya Miller

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