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Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Dec 14 12:52:40 CST 2001


works very well for windows (2k, XP, et al).

This is a good solution for the display/control boxes that are out there.


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> Don,
> Thanks for the reminder about time-synching.  Everyone in the community
> should be running an NTP client on their audio and video machines.
> Information on how to do this can be found at
> http://www-fp.mcs.anl.gov/voyager/AGTimeSynch.htm.
> The streams you see labeled "13 Flr Conference Rm" in the Finite Element
> Analysis recording have unique ssrc's, which according to the RTP protocol
> means they are independent video sources.  Since voyager
> demultiplexes media
> data based on ssrc, they will appear in the stream list as
> multiple streams.
> One possibility for the many streams is that the vic responsible
> for sending
> "13 Flr Conference Rm" was relaunched several times during the recording.
> Each time vic restarts a new ssrc is assigned to the stream.  However, a
> quick look at the "duration" fields for these streams does not match that
> scenario.  I am wondering if this phenomenon might be caused by buggy
> multicast.  Perhaps Bill Nickless can chime in on the possibilities here.
> The SCGlobal recordings from the showfloor voyager servers are
> being loaded
> onto another voyager server and will be available to the community next
> week.  The ones you see on the voyager.mcs.anl.gov server are a small
> handful of the total SCGlobal set.
> Congrats on the success of your finite element seminar!
> Best,
> Lisa
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> Subject: [AG-TECH] Voyageur Recording
> I recall Mike Daw mentioning a problem on playback with
> Voyageur and I tried it for the first time (well, the first
> time by myself, without Lisa's supervision :).  I too ran
> into problems but then noticed the "time offset" field
> (or something like that) in the stream menu, and one site
> was offset by over 5 seconds video and 43 seconds audio.
> by unclicking those streams from the stream menu, i was
> able to do a playback......  So, I know the importance
> of time syncronisation has been preached to us but, this
> is just a reminder to others who might try this that
> one of the first things you might want to do when trying
> to playback is "uncheque" the streams with large time
> offsets so they don't mess you up.  BTW, I've notified
> the "guilty party" about the time sync problem :) :)
> Also (question for Lisa) - there were a BUNCH of streams
> that said something like "13 Conference Room........ H.261..."
> in the menu, then the "expected" streams from our actual
> event.  Any idea where all those extras would have come
> from?"  The specific event was from Windmer, 12 December,
> "Don Morton (Finite Element Analysis)".
> Finally, I tried looking for some of our sessions from SC Global
> but they seemed pretty incomplete and, in fact, I couldn't find
> any of the sessions I participated in.  I can give specifics
> to Lisa privately but, am I correct in assuming that a number
> of the sessions didn't get recorded or preserved?
> Thanks,
> Don
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