[AG-TECH] Voyager Playback Problems

Mike Daw mike.daw at man.ac.uk
Wed Dec 12 06:13:21 CST 2001

I am having problems with playing back Voyager sessions. I was having
problems a few weeks ago when I was trying it too, but they were different.
Can anyone help?

A few weeks ago, when I invoked a session, I got the video stream with
'Voyager Playback Laurens Presen' on it, but no other video. My audio worked
fine - I could hear the playback from RAT.

Today, when I invoke a session, I get no video stream (not even the 'Voyager
Playback Laurens Presen' one) and the only site I see in RAT is me.

I am assuming that if it all works, then I should see video streams in VIC
and audio streams in RAT as if the meeting is live.

I have assiduously followed instructions in

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