[AG-TECH] Voyager Playback Problems

Lisa Childers childers at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Dec 12 10:42:02 CST 2001


Hm.. you are correct in assuming that you should see video streams in vic
and audio streams in rat.  I have restarted the beacon on the voyager
machine to aid in debugging multicast issues.  (btw- Anyone know if there is
a version available of the beacon that doesn't crash so easily?  I am
running a version dated 1/26/01.)

The voyager server is up and running and has been running since it was last
restarted on 12/7.  I just played back Lauren's Presentation without
problem.  However, I looked in the log file and could not find evidence of
your request for the session, so I'm interested in watching your attempt to
playback.  Will you look for me in the meadow (on the venues mud) when you
are in a position to test again?  This will allow me to watch the server and
client realtime.


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I am having problems with playing back Voyager sessions. I was having
problems a few weeks ago when I was trying it too, but they were different.
Can anyone help?

A few weeks ago, when I invoked a session, I got the video stream with
'Voyager Playback Laurens Presen' on it, but no other video. My audio worked
fine - I could hear the playback from RAT.

Today, when I invoke a session, I get no video stream (not even the 'Voyager
Playback Laurens Presen' one) and the only site I see in RAT is me.

I am assuming that if it all works, then I should see video streams in VIC
and audio streams in RAT as if the meeting is live.

I have assiduously followed instructions in

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