[AG-TECH] Finite Element Seminar (and BEER)

Mike Daw mike.daw at man.ac.uk
Tue Dec 11 05:13:03 CST 2001


I was about to compose an email to our Maths people here, but then looked at
the time of your event (10pm our time!). We're not going to be able to
operate the node this late in the evening, but thanks for keeping us posted.
I think it's good that people publicise stuff like this. We want to be more
involved with this sort of thing that people are doing and really start that
global collaboration, which is after all what AG is all about.

By the way, I don't think this counts as "calling in your chips" seeing as
the remote participants are getting something out of it. (Or were you
talking about the chips to go with your beer?!)


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> All,
> I'll be giving the following presentation to a small U. Montana
> Math class this Wednesday.  My hope is that there might be one
> or two remote sites so I can also use this seminar as an opportunity
> to promote our AGN amongst the math folks.
> So, if someone at your site has some potential interest in finite
> element methods, please invite them.  This won't be a real "detailed"
> talk (primarily because I don't have the time to recall all the
> tedious, low-level details).
> If nobody responds with interest, I'll give Jeremy that time off and
> not even put it on the AG :)  I hate to "call in my chips" for demos
> on something low key like this but, again, if there's "any" interest
> amongst anybody in this talk, it would be nice to have one or two
> participants :)
> And now the topic you were hoping I'd get to - BEER.  Thank you
> for all your replies!  I'm trying to wrap up a semester here so
> have been backlogged but, I've saved all your messages and hopefully,
> within a week, will get back to setting a date for this and seek
> input and contributions :)
> Best,
> Don
> > Wednesday, December 12
> > 22:00-23:00 UTC (15:00-16:00 Mountain)
> > 16:00 pm  17:00 pm Central
> > Don Morton, morton at cs.umt.edu
> > Venue: Bridgeport Room
> > Parallel, Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Multiphase Fluid Flow
> > Simulations
> > I will be presenting \"Parallel, Adaptive Finite Element Methods for
> > Multiphase Fluid Flow Simulations\" to a U. Montana Math
> seminar class. Given
> > that I want to use this as a local opportunity to promote
> the AG, I\'m holding
> > the seminar in our AGN, and anybody interested is welcome
> to attend. However,
> > it would be helpful if you RSVP\'d. The talk will be
> somewhat high-level. Not
> > a lot of tedious detail. Audience is expected to have some
> background in
> > numerical methods.
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