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Tom Coffin tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Wed Dec 5 14:10:08 CST 2001

hi Supreeya
You can use VNC to shared a 1024x768 desktop
which can include a white board...

At 02:05 PM 12/5/2001 -0600, Supreeya Miller wrote:
   >We have a lot of people come to our center and some of them are
   >I'm also in the process of building the second Access Grid Node for USM
   >(university of Southern Mississippi).  When the node is done, there
will be
   >a lot of class activities between CHL (at Stennis) and USM.  The
   >that came and visited our center have some concerns that the resolution of
   >the images on the Access Grid is not high enough for them, and there are
   >some jaggy problems due to many hops and points in the network that we
   >to go through (details are below).  When I did the full size image, they
   >were not satisfied even more (they could see pixels change clearly).
One of
   >the professors has asked me a question, which I don't know how to answer.
   >He wants to do a distance learning by point-to-point (between CHL and USM)
   >using the Access Grid equipment.  He wants (to start with) 2 windows, each
   >with 1024x768 resolution.  So that they can write on the white board, and
   >the distance students (at CHL) can see everything perfectly clear (they
   >refuse to use Power Point Presentation files).
   >Our network details
   >	CHL -> uses DS3 to -> JACKSON -> uses OC3 to -> USM -> uses OC3 to ->
   >JACKSON -> uses OC3 to -> Internet2
   >	CHL -> JACKSON -> USM -> Internet
   >	Our router is at USM that is why we have to go to USM first for both
   >Internet2 and commodity Internet.
   >I've looked at the Microsoft NetMeeting.  But that is one computer that
   >video and audio.  We have 4 computers, and 2 computers are running
Linux as
   >we know.
   >I've also looked at VRVS.  But that does not even need Internet 2 (if I'm
   >wrong, please correct me).  He wants to fully utilize the bandwidth of
   >Internet 2, in this case we mean DS3 bandwidth (50 Mb)
   >How possible can this "point-to-point distance learning using Access Grid
   >equipment" be done and how can I go about doing it?
   >I thank you in advance for any help.
   >Supreeya Miller
   >System Administrator/Visualization Researcher/Access Grid Coordinator
   >High Performance Visualization Center
   >Center of Higher Learning
   >Building 1103
   >Stennis Space Center, MS  39539
   >Phone: 228-688-2190
   >Fax:   228-688-7454
   >E-mail:Supreeya.Miller at usm.edu

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