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Supreeya Miller Supreeya.Miller at usm.edu
Wed Dec 5 14:05:22 CST 2001


We have a lot of people come to our center and some of them are professors.
I'm also in the process of building the second Access Grid Node for USM
(university of Southern Mississippi).  When the node is done, there will be
a lot of class activities between CHL (at Stennis) and USM.  The professors
that came and visited our center have some concerns that the resolution of
the images on the Access Grid is not high enough for them, and there are
some jaggy problems due to many hops and points in the network that we have
to go through (details are below).  When I did the full size image, they
were not satisfied even more (they could see pixels change clearly).  One of
the professors has asked me a question, which I don't know how to answer.
He wants to do a distance learning by point-to-point (between CHL and USM)
using the Access Grid equipment.  He wants (to start with) 2 windows, each
with 1024x768 resolution.  So that they can write on the white board, and
the distance students (at CHL) can see everything perfectly clear (they
refuse to use Power Point Presentation files).

Our network details
	CHL -> uses DS3 to -> JACKSON -> uses OC3 to -> USM -> uses OC3 to ->
JACKSON -> uses OC3 to -> Internet2
	CHL -> JACKSON -> USM -> Internet
	Our router is at USM that is why we have to go to USM first for both
Internet2 and commodity Internet.

I've looked at the Microsoft NetMeeting.  But that is one computer that does
video and audio.  We have 4 computers, and 2 computers are running Linux as
we know.
I've also looked at VRVS.  But that does not even need Internet 2 (if I'm
wrong, please correct me).  He wants to fully utilize the bandwidth of
Internet 2, in this case we mean DS3 bandwidth (50 Mb)

How possible can this "point-to-point distance learning using Access Grid
equipment" be done and how can I go about doing it?

I thank you in advance for any help.

Supreeya Miller
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