[AG-TECH] Beta Release of Web-Based AG Training Course

Lisa Childers childers at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Aug 24 15:58:46 CDT 2001

Dear folks,

The Access Grid-in-a-Box Training Team is pleased to announce the Beta
Review of four WebCT-based tutorials and to submit them for your review.
The tutorials are targeted at new Access Grid users and are titled:

	-Tutorial 1: How to Build and Install an Access Grid Node
	  A Guide for Elementary Technical Users

	-Tutorial 2: How to Operate an Access Grid Node
	  A Guide for Elementary Technical Users

	-Tutorial 3: How to Produce an Access Grid Event
	  A Guide for Elementary Technical Users

	-Tutorial 4: How to Set Up an Access Grid Meeting
	  A Guide for Non-Technical Users

You can reach the tutorials by visiting
http://foxtrot.ncsa.uiuc.edu:8900/public/AGIB/.  Feel free to navigate the
tutorials using your own WebCT account, by creating a new WebCT account, or
by using the User Name "student" with the Password "student".

Please send questions and comments to training-core at accessgrid.org.  In
referring to issues with existing material, we ask that you include the
tutorial number, section number that appears in the table of contents, and
the sentence that begins at the place on which you wish to comment.  Also,
if you can identify holes in the material, please let us know.

Please respond with your reviews by September 7.

Your participation is key to making these tutorials useful.  We appreciate
and look forward to receiving your feedback!

The AG Core Training Team Members are:
Lisa Childers, ANL
Sandie Kappes, NCSA
Leslie Southern, OSC
Mary Bea Walker, NCSA

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