[AG-TECH] Re: Beta Release of Web-Based AG Training Course

Daniel A. Reed reed at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Thu Aug 30 13:48:25 CDT 2001

I just got a chance to look at this.  All I can say is, awesome!  It's a 
real testament to the power of a national collaboration and the 
Alliance.  Congratulations to you all for a job well done.

I look forward to a suite of materials like this for the Grid, clusters, 
display walls, and other technologies as well.



At 03:58 PM 8/24/2001 -0500, Lisa Childers wrote:
>Dear folks,
>The Access Grid-in-a-Box Training Team is pleased to announce the Beta
>Review of four WebCT-based tutorials and to submit them for your review.
>The tutorials are targeted at new Access Grid users and are titled:
>         -Tutorial 1: How to Build and Install an Access Grid Node
>           A Guide for Elementary Technical Users
>         -Tutorial 2: How to Operate an Access Grid Node
>           A Guide for Elementary Technical Users
>         -Tutorial 3: How to Produce an Access Grid Event
>           A Guide for Elementary Technical Users
>         -Tutorial 4: How to Set Up an Access Grid Meeting
>           A Guide for Non-Technical Users
>You can reach the tutorials by visiting
>http://foxtrot.ncsa.uiuc.edu:8900/public/AGIB/. Feel free to navigate the
>tutorials using your own WebCT account, by creating a new WebCT account, or
>by using the User Name "student" with the Password "student".
>Please send questions and comments to training-core at accessgrid.org.  In
>referring to issues with existing material, we ask that you include the
>tutorial number, section number that appears in the table of contents, and
>the sentence that begins at the place on which you wish to comment.  Also,
>if you can identify holes in the material, please let us know.
>Please respond with your reviews by September 7.
>Your participation is key to making these tutorials useful.  We appreciate
>and look forward to receiving your feedback!
>The AG Core Training Team Members are:
>Lisa Childers, ANL
>Sandie Kappes, NCSA
>Leslie Southern, OSC
>Mary Bea Walker, NCSA

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