[AG-TECH] Network requirements?

Gary Refka grefka at insors.com
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100Mb of Multicast enabled bandwidth should be fine in my opinion.  We use
100Mb and have had very good performance without even coming close to
hitting the ceiling.  If I remember correctly, at one of the Super Computing
shows there was a contest to see who could get the mostly bandwidth over the
pipe.  The Grid community hit somewhere around 90Mb with everyone helping so
I think for normal use 100Mb should be fine. You can also only go as high as
what is available across the network and at the other users sites so you may
want to see what others are using.  If most of the rest of the Access Grid
community only has 100Mb links there's not much reason to go higher.

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In the building we're putting our AG node in, we have GigE coming into
the building, but switched 100 Mb being distributed within.  Getting
GigE into the the AG node is going to cost some $ for additional
head-end hardware, while 100 Mb is easy.  Is GigE-level connectivity
to the node really needed?

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