[AG-TECH] question on Dell presicion 530

Jay Beavers jbeavers at microsoft.com
Fri Aug 17 11:37:31 CDT 2001

There are many documented cases where applications slow down or take
more CPU cycles on a Pentium IV than on a Pentium III due to the
architectural changes between chips.  You may have hit one of those
cases.  It's common in games benchmarks to see a 1.7 GHz Pentium IV
running slower than a 1.0 GHz Pentium III, though not by much.

In my work, I'm seeing vast improvements on the Pentium IV compared to
the Pentium III, which I am guessing is due to the RDRAM 800 improved
memory bus speed which is getting somewhere around 2.3x the real world
memory throughput.

 - jcb

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	I just bought a Dell precision 530(2 Xeon 1.7G/512 ECC
Rambus/Matrox 450).
	I use AG ddvic to receive about 30 channel 500k~2M bps vic
videos, and the total bandwidth is about 15Mbps. and I render all the 30

	I compared ddvic CPU usage with my early bought Precision 420( 2
933 PIII/ 256 Rambus/Matrox 450),  and I found the agddvic CPU usage in
530 is higher than in 420!!!! 

	I use small window, mid window ,and large window of VIC, and got
the same result.

	The 530 machine and 420 machine are all Win2k pro, with Direct
8, in 16bit color depth.

	I compared Memory speed of the two machine, the 530 is about
twice faster than 420.

	So can anybody tell me why 530 use more CPU than 420 when I
receive and render 30 videos using VIC??

	I find in BIOS that 530 use 100MHz bus speed, and 420 use 133MHz
bus speed, is that the reason?

	I always encounter problems with Dell machine when I setup AG
node( 3 month ago I found my 420 don't support 4 bttv card in linux
then). :-(. :(!!!!!!

	Thank you in advance!

Lu Jian
National Lab of Software Development Environment 
Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics

phone: 86-10-82317603
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email:lujian at nlsde.buaa.edu.cn

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