[AG-TECH] RH 7.1 and video instability

Wesley Lau (DSD student -DAA) wklau at george.lbl.gov
Tue Aug 14 18:29:31 CDT 2001

I suspect my video capture box instability is due to an interrupt
conflict.  I am using three WinTV Hauppauge cards in an Asus P3V4X MB.
Acording to /proc/pci, two TV cards and the USB controller are sharing 
IRQ 9, and one TV card and ethernet card are sharing IRQ 5.

I'll try disabling the USB controller and removing one of the unused TV
cards (on IRQ 9) and see what happens.  My video machine has mysteriously
begun working again, btw.  Anyone know how I might force the TV cards to
use different interrupts?  The TV cards have no jumpers and are all PCI.


On Tue, 14 Aug 2001, Randy Groves wrote:

> I'm running my video box (am I assuming correctly that you mean the video 
> capture box?) on 7.1 and have had no problems.  I have been keeping the 
> installation up to the latest versions on Robert's Linux site (well at 
> least current as of 7 weeks ago, before my vacation).  We're using the 
> Hauppage 401 cards.
> -randy
> At 01:06 PM 8/14/2001 -0500, Robert Olson wrote:
> >That's been a niggling worry of mine with 7.1, especially since I've not 
> >run a 7.1 node in-house here. I hope to install 7.1 on our PortaAG node 
> >and see what happens. (I tried some short-term tests that turned out okay, 
> >but not really any heavy use).
> >
> >What hardware are you running with?
> >
> >--bob
> >
> >At 10:59 AM 8/14/2001 -0700, Wesley Lau (DSD student -DAA) wrote:
> >>Hello,
> >>
> >>I upgraded my ag node to RH 7.1, and while the audio machine works fine
> >>(after a few driver issues), the video machine is quite unstable.  After a
> >>fresh install, it works for a while then completely freezes up, requiring
> >>a hard reboot.  After that, the video box freezes up everytime I enter the
> >>Lobby, no matter how many reboots.  Anyone know why and are there any
> >>solutions?  I think I'll have to downgrade to the 6.2 iso.
> >>
> >>thanks
> >>Wesley Lau
> >

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