[AG-TECH] MSB and Linux

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Sun Aug 12 19:28:45 CDT 2001

Did he know if the VPN boxes did indeed support multicast? Perhaps we 
should look into what it might take (say, for the porta-ag..)

Hm, server hardware. Probably not a cheap thing tho?


At 02:40 PM 8/12/2001 -0500, Bill Nickless wrote:
>At 10:39 AM 5/11/2001 -0500, Robert Olson wrote:
>>There are papers about from fermi (one at CHEP; the authors were bill 
>>lidinsky and gary roediger). We'd like to strongly discouraging using 
>>folks from  using msb, however. If people really want/need such 
>>functionality, a new tool should be designed and built that gets around 
>>the maintenance problems and bugs in the existing msb. (Bugs that include 
>>spewing tens of megabits of traffic to clients that don't want it any more).
>Toerless Eckert from Cisco talked to me about this at IETF last week in 
>He suggested that we should look into using VPN server boxes and VPN 
>client software to provide this functionality where necessary.  The VPN 
>servers are already scaling to 100s and 1000s of clients, and are 
>Of course I agree with Bob: the best alternative is to get native 
>multicast properly deployed to the various sites.
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