[AG-TECH] Anybody available to help us doing multicast test and debugging?

Yoshinori Kitatsuji kitaji at kddlabs.co.jp
Thu Aug 9 02:55:01 CDT 2001

Hi Xing,

Thanks for the removing default routes.

Could you explain "not stable" means? Do you mean that the multicast
routes received at CERNET from Tokyo XP are flapping? (or the video or
audio of some multicast application are chopped to stop for seeing or

To debug the problem, could you send me the dump of the command "show
ip mroute" and mtrace to some source host from which you want to get
multicast traffic?

Thanks for your help,
Y. Kitatsuji

> dear yoshinori,
> sorry for the slow response. i have just comae back from tibet.
> i have removed the default.  i also noticed the multicast is not stable.
> could you pls give us some advices?
> best,
> xing

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