[AG-TECH] Anybody available to help us doing multicast test and debugging?

Xing Li xing at cernet.edu.cn
Sun Aug 12 02:39:48 CDT 2001

dear yoshinori,

Yoshinori Kitatsuji wrote:
> Hi Xing,
> Thanks for the removing default routes.
> Could you explain "not stable" means? Do you mean that the multicast
> routes received at CERNET from Tokyo XP are flapping? (or the video or
> audio of some multicast application are chopped to stop for seeing or
> listening?)

mr. lu jian did some test and he may mail you the test result.  here is
a sample.

on check AccessGrid 

received at 12:22:19 continue 234 sec.
not received at 12:26:13 continue 87 sec.
received at 12:27:40 continue 328 sec.
not received at 12:33:08 continue 147 sec.

> To debug the problem, could you send me the dump of the command "show
> ip mroute" and mtrace to some source host from which you want to get
> multicast traffic?

mr. liu jian will send it to you.

> Thanks for your help,
> Y. Kitatsuji
> APAN Tokyo XP



> > dear yoshinori,
> >
> > sorry for the slow response. i have just comae back from tibet.
> >
> > i have removed the default.  i also noticed the multicast is not stable.
> > could you pls give us some advices?
> >
> > best,
> >
> > xing

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