[AG-TECH] AG 1.0 and sym53c8xx driver

Robert Olson olson at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Aug 1 10:57:20 CDT 2001

The easiest thing to do at this point may be to try an installation of a 
clean RedHat 7.1 installation followed by the installation of the AG RPMs 
from the CD. You can find a list of required RPMs in the file 
RedHat/base/comps on the CD, in the section that starts '1 Access Grid {'.

I'm working on a mechanism for distribution of the current software via the 
web, like I had before, but better maintained. This is becoming a growing 


At 10:40 AM 8/1/2001 -0500, Karen D. Camarda wrote:
>I am trying to install the Linux side of AG 1.0 on a new machine that has
>a Symbios SCSI controller that needs the sym53c8xx driver module. The
>RedHat installation program does not support this controller. The people
>we bought the computer from did supply us with a driver disk image for
>this controller that can be used with RH7.0, but it does not work with
>6.2. I'm trying to get ahold of them to see if they have a 6.2 version,
>but so far they haven't gotten back to me.
>Does anyone know where I can find a RH6.2 driver disk for this
>driver? Or can someone tell me how to create a driver disk, given that I
>have this driver sitting on other Linux machines running RH6.2?
>Karen Camarda
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