[AG-TECH] Problems with USC pimd on Linux

Donovan, Michael S ERDC-ITL-MS Contractor Michael.S.Donovan at erdc.usace.army.mil
Wed Aug 1 13:51:00 CDT 2001

Hi, we are working on a tunnel from our site to ANL for Access Grid Node.
This will be a temporary solution, the network crew here is working to get
native multicast going. The tunnel is set up and PIM HELLOs are being
received and sent, but there are no entries in the multicast routing tables.
With the original config, the pimd router was set up as an RP, but that
caused problems with routing at ARL. While set up as an RP, we saw some
multicast routes, since the router has been changed to not be an RP we don't
see any. 
The output from kill -USR1 gives us this:
Virtual Interface Table
 Vif  Local-Address     Subnet           Thresh   Flags          Neighbors
  0      140.31.10/27     1        DR PIM

  1        10.20.20/30      1        PIM  

  2      register_vif0    1       
Multicast Routing Table
 Source          Group           RP-addr         Flags
Number of Groups: 0
Number of Cache MIRRORs: 0
The tunnel config looks like this:
ip tunnel add gre1 mode gre remote local ttl 255
dev eth0
ip addr add dev gre1
ip link set gre1 multicast on
ip link set gre1 up
ip route add dev eth0
ip route add dev gre1
ip route add default dev gre1
ip route add dev eth0

We are using one Ethernet card in the Linux box.
Any help will be appreciated!
Mike Donovan
michael.s.donovan at usace.army.mil <mailto:michael.s.donovan at usace.army.mil> 
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