specific time verification

Mark D. Johnson mjohnson at sc.rr.com
Thu Oct 26 08:22:55 CDT 2000

UTC is a great idea.  I was thinking that in the back of my head, but wasn't sure
about acceptance.  People can always go to a work time clocks page like
http://www-fp.mcs.anl.gov/fl/accessgrid/clocks.htm and see UTC and convert to
local time.  We could have the clocks show all time zones.

Don Morton wrote:

> "Mark D. Johnson" wrote:
> >
> > Mary,
> >     Will there be an automated reservation system online in the future?  And
> > maybe have something that would post the times in all zones?
> > -mark
> Thinking back to my military days, one could always adopt posting
> all times in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated), formerly GMT
> (Greenwich Mean Time).  Every site would be able to readily
> determine how many hours they were behind/ahead UTC, accounting for
> daylight time, etc.  It's actually quite convenient once you
> know where you are in relation to UTC.  Particularly when AGN
> sessions become more international, having to convert between
> the numerous time zones would be a royal pain in the butt.  If
> sites only have to convert relative to the UTC standard, it
> will be much easier.  Perhaps now would be the time to adopt
> something like this?
> Just my opinion after spending years as a ham operator and military
> person :)
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