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Don Morton morton at cs.umt.edu
Wed Oct 25 19:36:40 CDT 2000

"Mark D. Johnson" wrote:
> Mary,
>     Will there be an automated reservation system online in the future?  And
> maybe have something that would post the times in all zones?
> -mark

Thinking back to my military days, one could always adopt posting
all times in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated), formerly GMT
(Greenwich Mean Time).  Every site would be able to readily
determine how many hours they were behind/ahead UTC, accounting for
daylight time, etc.  It's actually quite convenient once you
know where you are in relation to UTC.  Particularly when AGN
sessions become more international, having to convert between
the numerous time zones would be a royal pain in the butt.  If
sites only have to convert relative to the UTC standard, it
will be much easier.  Perhaps now would be the time to adopt
something like this?

Just my opinion after spending years as a ham operator and military
person :)
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