Proposal for an AG technical retreat..

Rick Stevens stevens at
Wed Oct 11 23:31:35 CDT 2000


I'm thinking that it might be a good idea to put together an Access Grid 
for sometime early next year. The purpose of the retreat would be to gather 
together to discuss where we are with the Access Grid Project, present some 
proposals to the AG technical community for where we might want to go in 
the next year with
new capabilities, to plan some stretch events that will help refine and improve
the AG concept, and to provide an open forum for discussing new and interesting
things we can do with the AG in the future.  I propose a 2-3 day format, 
with a few
invited talks, contributed presentations from various groups on future 
some breakout sessions to discuss specific applications of AG (Medical, 
etc.) and
the publication in an informal proceedings the lecture notes and discussion 
papers which
would cover new AG related technologies and projects.

Thoughts ?


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