Stuart Levy slevy at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Wed Oct 11 20:51:22 CDT 2000

> We're not using that driver tho.

Yes -- but (guess I hadn't mentioned this) when doing the syscall
trace on rat-4.2.4-media running with the OSS-commercial drivers,
it behaved the same way.  That is, rat would try to set
SOUND_MIXER_IGAIN, get an EINVAL error from the OSS-commercial
APCI97 driver, and then set SOUND_MIXER_LINE.

It would likewise get EINVAL after trying to set/get IGAIN
when running the es1371 free driver.  The only reason I'd checked
with es1371 was that its source was available.

Dunno whether the OSS-commercial APCI97 driver behaves the
same way as es1371 with RECLEV, but it might well be so,
in which case this tiny change (try IGAIN then RECLEV
then (if not AC97?) try LINE) might fix it for *both* drivers.

[If I had time to fetch a current copy of the rat tree and try it,
I'd do this myself; but I probably won't until at least after SC00.]


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