MP3 over multicast...anyone tried this yet?

Brian Chee chee at
Fri Oct 6 14:50:43 CDT 2000

Being a newbie I'm prone to asking questions that may have already been
asked...but has anyone tried streaming MP3's yet?  Audioactive has a
hardware based streaming audio unit that looks very promising.  I had a
chance to try this out at the Networld+Interop show last week and the audio
quality was VERY good and since you can specify the UDP port number, it
might be something that virtual venue could work with?

If I have money left over from a grant, I'm thinking about getting a unit to
play with long term, and with the possibility of multicast cd quality
audio...this sounds interesting.

Just in case folks are interested...I've attached a pdf of the network we
constructed for the Networld+Interop show.  We used experimental SSM (source
specific multicast) router loads for the cisco 12008's (GSR's) to talk SSM.
We also had an Ixia 1600 to test with experimental IGMPv3 joins and leaves.

/brian chee

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