Technical Side of the PACS mtg

John Towns - NCSA Cog jtowns at
Wed Oct 4 13:26:53 CDT 2000

I want to also express my thanks to the team.  I saw some of the frantic 
activity just prior to the start of the meeting and it was particularly 
impressive to see how well things smoothly transitioned into the meeting.

Thanks to all for a fantastic job!


At 09:56 PM 10/3/2000 -0500, Ken Bishop wrote:
>I want to give a special thank you and well done kudo
>to the team that made today's PACS meeting go as smoothly
>as it did.  You exceeded my expectations!
>Special kudos go to Jennifer (Producer), Leslie (DPPT
>slide Manager), and Kyle Camarda [University of KS] (Tech.
>Director).  Note: Kyle coached a green team of operators
>at the ACCESS center (via the voice channel) all day-- without
>his work, we would not have had ACCESS in the meeting!
>Best Regards
>Ken Bishop
>p.s. For those who didn't realize it-- PACS plowed ground today
>with a first--- Distributed Access Grid event management. KAB

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