Technical Side of the PACS mtg

Jim Bottum jb at
Wed Oct 4 18:52:15 CDT 2000

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend due to a meeting at ARL.  However, 
I was at the NSF this morning and can report that they were suitably 
impressed with both the content and execution of the meeting.

Kudos to all!


At 01:26 PM 10/4/2000 , John Towns - NCSA Cog wrote:
>I want to also express my thanks to the team.  I saw some of the frantic 
>activity just prior to the start of the meeting and it was particularly 
>impressive to see how well things smoothly transitioned into the meeting.
>Thanks to all for a fantastic job!
>At 09:56 PM 10/3/2000 -0500, Ken Bishop wrote:
>>I want to give a special thank you and well done kudo
>>to the team that made today's PACS meeting go as smoothly
>>as it did.  You exceeded my expectations!
>>Special kudos go to Jennifer (Producer), Leslie (DPPT
>>slide Manager), and Kyle Camarda [University of KS] (Tech.
>>Director).  Note: Kyle coached a green team of operators
>>at the ACCESS center (via the voice channel) all day-- without
>>his work, we would not have had ACCESS in the meeting!
>>Best Regards
>>Ken Bishop
>>p.s. For those who didn't realize it-- PACS plowed ground today
>>with a first--- Distributed Access Grid event management. KAB

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