First Audio Level Stage

Lisa Childers childers at
Wed May 24 12:59:11 CDT 2000


Here's the first step in our audio-leveling agenda.  We should all start out
on net-only.

More instructions will follow during the cruise.


First we level Net-Only
	* Everyone starts out on net-only preset
		- Those who don't have good net must sit out this round. Hang out on
		  telco-only (preset 2) and pay close attention to the mud
	* Set rat Speaker Vol at 48
	* Set rat Line-In Gain at 48
	* Set ALL microphones to Coarse Gain 55dB, Gain 0dB
	* Set "TX to Codec" at 0dB
	* Set "To PA System" to 0dB
  All net-only nodes level audio now

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