nCruise 5/24: The Great SoundOff

Lisa Childers childers at
Tue May 23 15:52:56 CDT 2000


Please join us this Wednesday in Lucky Labrador at 1:30 CDT for audio level
drills.  All chautauqua nodes should participate, as well as the nodes
participating in Friday's DOE/Abilene meeting.

Please come to the cruise with your gentner software ALREADY LOADED with the
presets specified at

Doug will send conf call info before the cruise.  Make sure your gentner has
an analog line connected to it. You will need to dial your gentners into the
conference call at the start of the cruise.

We will spend the cruise adjusting audio levels in net-only mode, then in
telco-only mode, and finally take turns being the net<->telco bridge node.

It is particularly important that you pay attention to the mud during this


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