DOE-University QoS Connectivity Meeting

Linda Winkler winkler at
Sat May 20 09:55:16 CDT 2000

Argonne will make this meeting available via the AccessGrid for those 
unable to attend in person.
We expect EVL, NCSA, LBNL participation via AG.

Friday, May 26
8:00am-3:00pm CDT
Linda Winkler, winkler at
(We will use the Full Sail Room.)
DOE/Abilene QoS Planning Meeting.

There will be a weekly AG cruise on Mon afternoon for those need to debug
their AG configuration (audio, multicast, etc) ahead of time.

W E E K L Y    C R U I S E
Monday, May 22
1:30pm CT
(We will use the Lucky Labrador Room.)


At 02:21 PM 5/17/2000, Ben Teitelbaum wrote:
>Dear Applications Representative,
>Thank you for agreeing to attend the next Friday at Argonne. An informal 
>agenda planning group (consisting of Bill Johnston, Linda Winkler, Jim 
>Leighton, Matt Zekauskas, and me) has met and sketched out an agenda for 
>the one-day meeting. A critically important goal of this meeting is to 
>understand any barriers to achieving the level of network quality of 
>service required by the applications and to direct QUALIT measurement and 
>end-to-end QoS analysis and consulting efforts appropriately. Towards this 
>goal, we will kick off the day with progress updates from each 
>applications group.
>These updates should focus on the specific network paths exercised by your 
>application and any experienced or anticipated obstacles to success due to 
>the local or wide-area networking environment. Some suggestions for 
>talking points include:
>   * Overview of wide-area trials to date;
>   * End-to-end performance experiences in best effort environment;
>   * Relevant upgrades to local networks at application sites;
>   * Known congestion points;
>   * Anticipated value of testbed QoS deployments;
>   * Suggestions for placement of passive and active QoS measurement nodes 
> on application paths to facilitate analysis of end-to-end path;
>   * 1-2 year application development and deployment plan, including 
> contingencies on funding availability;
>If you have suggestions or questions about how to prepare for this 
>meeting, please do not hesitate to contact us.
>William Johnston <Wejohnston at>
>Jim Leighton <jfl at>
>Ben Teitelbaum <ben at>
>Linda Winkler <lwinkler at>
>Matt Zekauskas <matt at>

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