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Jerry Sheehan jsheehan at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Jul 25 08:48:16 CDT 2000

To all:

Two other bits of information for the site visit.

1) During the Alliance site visit (8-11 central) Roscoe Giles would like to 
participate via an AG node in Atlanta?  My understanding is they have 
equipment which was just recently sent to them and are waiting for a 
router.  Does anyone have a technical poc so we can check on where they are at?

2) Understand yesterday that NPACI would also like to use AG for their site 
visit.  Jim F., did Borchers indicate what sites in his email would likely 


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>>I'm currently displaying an image in the Lobby from
>>our Polycom (3ISDN/LAN) system. So ACCESS could act
>>as a bridge. I just need to make sure all our ISDN lines
>>are functioning properly.
>>At 10:54 PM 7/24/00 -0500, Bob Olson wrote:
>>    >There is a NSF review on July 31 that may be using the AG.  As I
>>    >understand it the AG sites are ANL, NCSA, Boston, Access DC, and UNM. We
>>    >will need to bridge in a site coming from Texas via H.320 ISDN
>>    >videoconferencing gear. We're fighting getting working ISDN lines in the
>>    >right places here at Argonne, and as a backup would like to identify 
>> sites
>>    >that could also act as AG/H.320 bridges. Requirements are an H.320
>>    >conferencing setup with the right connectors to attach bidirectional 
>> audio
>>    >and video feeds to the AG gear (video capture, gentner). I'm fairly sure
>>    >the CLI Elipse we have at ANL will work for this. A hitch is the 
>> video to
>>    >send to the H.320 conference; my current plan is to scan-convert a 
>> region
>>    >of a display and place the video we want to send in that space.
>>    >
>>    >I'm looking for two bits of information:
>>    >
>>    >List of sites that are participating. I suspect you know who you are;
>>    >please email me the point of contact for the meeting.
>>    >
>>    >List of sites that might be able to bridge if I can't get stuff going
>>    >tomorrow. We need to test this ASAP, tomorrow would be best.
>>    >
>>    >thanks,
>>    >--bob
>>    >
>>    >
>>Tom Coffin .......................... tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu

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