NSF review July 31

Tom Coffin tcoffin at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Tue Jul 25 08:07:37 CDT 2000


I'm currently displaying an image in the Lobby from
our Polycom (3ISDN/LAN) system. So ACCESS could act
as a bridge. I just need to make sure all our ISDN lines
are functioning properly.

At 10:54 PM 7/24/00 -0500, Bob Olson wrote:
   >There is a NSF review on July 31 that may be using the AG.  As I
   >understand it the AG sites are ANL, NCSA, Boston, Access DC, and UNM. We
   >will need to bridge in a site coming from Texas via H.320 ISDN
   >videoconferencing gear. We're fighting getting working ISDN lines in the
   >right places here at Argonne, and as a backup would like to identify sites
   >that could also act as AG/H.320 bridges. Requirements are an H.320
   >conferencing setup with the right connectors to attach bidirectional audio
   >and video feeds to the AG gear (video capture, gentner). I'm fairly sure
   >the CLI Elipse we have at ANL will work for this. A hitch is the video to
   >send to the H.320 conference; my current plan is to scan-convert a region
   >of a display and place the video we want to send in that space.
   >I'm looking for two bits of information:
   >List of sites that are participating. I suspect you know who you are;
   >please email me the point of contact for the meeting.
   >List of sites that might be able to bridge if I can't get stuff going
   >tomorrow. We need to test this ASAP, tomorrow would be best.

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