problems in multicast land

Rogier, Gordon grogier at
Thu Jul 6 23:03:31 CDT 2000

(I am actually off today and tomorrow, thurs/fri, but wanted to take some
time tonight to review this.  so, sorry about the late involvement here).

KU can not see ANL because of some MSDP problem between KU and the Great
Plains Network gigaPOP.  I am not sure why (at least not yet.... am working
on it right now), but certain MSDP SAs are not making into KU.  More when I
figure it out a little further.


(btw, i work for KU and GPN).

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> Subject: problems in multicast land
> looks like things are weird. according to the beacon right now,
> not seeing ANL; ANL and OSC not seeing NCSA, ANL 
> not seeing
> BU.
> And EVL still disconnected. Any news on this, folks?? I hear 
> it should be
> pretty close to doable.
> --bob

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