Cruise schedule for the week of July 10th

Kyle Camarda kyle at
Fri Jul 7 11:43:51 CDT 2000

Hello All,

   KU would like to reserve the Lucky Labrador room for telco testing
 on July 10th and 12th, 1:30-3:30 PM CDT.  We would like all of the
 sites which will be hosting remote presenters for Chautauqua to join
 us on July 10th.  According to my list, those sites are: Access-DC,
 EVL, UNM, NCSA, and OSC.  Also BU and any other participating sites
 should be present if possible.  We will be testing newly ordered 
 conference call lines to determine if they are of sufficient quality for
 telco audio. On July 12th, KU will be running a local cruise to test
 hardware failure recovery procedures.  Other sites need not join us for
 the July 12th cruise.  We will start rehersals and final software tests
 during the cruises after July 17th.  Thanks!

Kyle Camarda
KU Chautauqua Producer
camarda at  

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