Demo help Friday (Correction)

John A. Greenfield green at
Thu Jul 6 16:41:57 CDT 2000

Hi again,

As some of you noticed, I couldn't do math this morning.

I have some DARPA folks coming in for a demo of the AG tomorrow (Friday)
from 11 - 12 my time (12 - 1 PM CDT, 1 - 2 PM EDT -- NOT 10 - 11 and 9-10 
as I had earlier.) If anyone can be available on their nodes to say hi at
that time it would be appreciated. We should have the Windmer room
scheduled, but we may wind up in the Lobby if there are more people there. 
We will be on the Waterfall glen MUD a little before the start and will
discuss where to go then.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help.

John Greenfield
green at
University of New Mexico
Office # 505-277-8249
Direct # 505-277-9545
Fax #    505-277-8235 

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