PROPOSAL: turning off Argonne bridges

Robert Olson olson at
Fri Jan 28 11:11:19 CST 2000

At 11:05 AM 1/28/00 -0600, Barbara A. Kucera wrote:
>Nice job, Bill.  I especially liked the Website explanation, with pictures 
>My one questions is does this actually raise the cost of equipment to set
>up an AG node by $4000, or is other equipment no longer necessary if you
>use the new Cisco router?

This equipment is a per-site cost if the current networking infrastructure 
at the site cannot support multicast. It doesn't replace any of the other 

With an agreeable network staff who already has the appropriate flavor of 
Cisco router, such a tunnel could likely be set up to existing equipment. 
However, with such a staff and equipment I suspect that proper multicast 
might be doable anyway.

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