PROPOSAL: turning off Argonne bridges

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Fri Jan 28 12:18:33 CST 2000

Thanks, Bob.

At 11:11 AM 01/28/2000 -0600, Robert Olson wrote: 
> At 11:05 AM 1/28/00 -0600, Barbara A. Kucera wrote:
>> Nice job, Bill.  I especially liked the Website explanation, with pictures
>> yet!
>> My one questions is does this actually raise the cost of equipment to set
>> up an AG node by $4000, or is other equipment no longer necessary if you
>> use the new Cisco router?
> This equipment is a per-site cost if the current networking infrastructure at
> the site cannot support multicast. It doesn't replace any of the other
> equipment.
> With an agreeable network staff who already has the appropriate flavor of
> Cisco router, such a tunnel could likely be set up to existing equipment.
> However, with such a staff and equipment I suspect that proper multicast
> might be doable anyway.
> --bob

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