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Call for Proposals
SC Global Constellation Sites
Proposal Deadline: February 16, 2001
(SC 2001, November 10 - 16, 2001)

The SC Conference <www.supercomp.org> is the premiere technical and industrial
meeting for high-end networking and computing and computational science.  At
the SC’2001 conference, to be held in Denver, November 10-16, 1001, we will
create the first truly global technical conference: a multi-national and
multi-cultural meeting place for communication and discussion of ideas relating
to high-end computing and communications and its impacts on science and

The SC Global event will use Access Grid technology <www.accessgrid.org> to
the SC Core at the Denver Convention Center with dozens of SC Constellation
Sites distributed both across the U.S. and worldwide.  We encourage SC
Constellation sites to develop unique local programs that combine SC Global
with local material.

We encourage SC Constellation sites to develop local programs and workshops of
interest to the HPC Community, which will be able to be tied into the SC01
Program.  Program ideas relating to SC Global should be submitted via the Call
for Participation for the SC01 Conference, but please let us know what you are
proposing (the sooner the better), so that we can help coordinate and promote
your ideas.  Please check http://www.sc2001.org for details and deadlines.

Once you have reviewed the ‘Becoming a SC Global Constellation Site’ document
(accessible via http://www.mcs.anl.gov/scglobal), and have determined that you
will be able to dedicate your time and efforts to participating, here's how to
go about responding to the call for participation:   
·       By January 12th, send e-mail to planners at mcs.anl.gov indicating your
interest in participating and let us know if you will be attending the Access
Grid Retreat and/or Access Grid Tutorial
·       By February 16th, send e-mail to planners at mcs.anl.gov including the
following information: 
1. Institution Name and location. 
2. Primary contact person's name, institution, e-mail address. 
3. Contact information for all collaborators (name, institution, e-mail
4. Title of local workshop/program you hope to hold during the SC Conference
(if none, see question 5) 
    a. A paragraph summary of your workshop and its significance  
    b. URL address for further documentation. 
5. A paragraph stating how you plan to contribute to SC01? 
6. What type of audience will you remotely bring to SC01 (background, how many
people do you estimate to be in attendance?) 
7. Potential obstacles that we may be able to assist you in overcoming. 
8. A description of how you plan to deploy the Access Grid technology at your
side, and the wide area network connectivity you plan to have prior-to and
during SC'2001.  This information is *very* important as we will use it to
evaluate your site's ability to participate effectively in the SC Global
event.  We thus hope to avoid disappointments on either side due to e.g.
inadequate technical capabilities.

Time line
January 12, 2001        Let us know by today if you wish to participate and if
                        plan to attend  the Access Grid Tutorial and/or Retreat
January 29, 2001        Access Grid -  Building and Operating Your Node
                        Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL (USA)
January 30 - February 1, 2001   Access Grid Retreat
                                Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL (USA)
February 16, 2001       Deadline for Proposals - Constellation Sites
March 30, 2001  International Constellation Sites Finalized
April 27, 2001  Deadline for Proposals  Program ideas 
May *, 2001     International Access Grid Training Institute (tentative)
June *, 2001    Constellation sites program defined 
                (with regards to content submissions)
                Constellation sites nanocruises begin (once per week -
July *, 2001            Constellation sites nanocruises begin (twice per week -
mandatory attendance)
August *, 2001  SC Global Program finalized
September *, 2001       Event Production Training Institute on the Access Grid
                        Constellation sites Megacruises begin 
October *, 2001 SC Global Training Cruises
November 12 - 16, 2001  SC 2001 / SC Global

*Exact dates to be determined.  We will be able to post dates once level of
participation has been determined.
Dates will be determined in conjunction with the Constellation Sites.

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