[AG-TECH] Periodic Random Video Machine Crashes

Allan Kenneth Spale aspale1 at uic.edu
Fri Dec 15 14:03:57 CST 2000

This is not something serious but just troubling.  I have been noticing on
occassion within the last week or so that I may leave the node the
previous day with vrm-eventlistener and vic running on the video machine,
but when I return, I am at the login prompt.  And to dispel myths that
someone is using the computer without my knowledge, I was in this morning
do some audio testing using reflector on the video machine and rat (with
local_loopback) on the audio machine, and all of the sudden, I could not
hear audio from reflector.  The video machine had (reset and?) returned to
the login screen.  At the time, vic and vrm-eventlistener were running on
the video machine also.  I have not yet witnessed a crash, so I am not
aware of the events leading to the crash (if that is even what it is or
just a panic logout of some sort).

As far as software, EVL has the latest VV software (vic included) on the
display machine.  The video machine has a vic with version v2.8ucl4-AG5.
Does anyone know what could be going on?  Is there some file on the video
machine that might describe what is going on?

Thanks for your time.

Allan Spale
EVL / UIC node-op

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