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Very shortly, you will receive up to three invitations in connection with our
original planned “AG Retreat 2001”.  We have clarified these dates and events

A room block is in place with the Argonne Guest House under “AG Retreat 2001”
for any and all of the events.  Please feel free to check the website for
current information at any time:

Hotel Accommodations
Building 460
Argonne Guest House

January 29, 2001
AG Tutorial
Building 221
MCS, Futures Laboratory Workshop

January 30-31, 2001
AG Retreat 2001 
Building 402, Auditorium
Advanced Photon Source Conference Center 
(Additional space in Rooms E1100/E1200 available on Wednesday,January 31.)
        Coffee, Refreshments, Breaks, Informal Discussions
          Building 402
          Gallery (directly below Auditorium)

February 1, 2001
AG Human Factors Workshop (limited invitation)
Building 221
MCS, Futures Laboratory Workshop

Please register online for all events “separately” upon receipt of invitation.

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