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Tom Coffin tcoffin at
Mon Aug 7 14:08:29 CDT 2000

Please reserve 8/15-17 in the Bridgeport room
for an attempt to broadcast the Advanced CAVE Workshop
series at the University of Michigan via Internet2's

This advanced CAVE workshop introduces advanced 
programming and visualization techniques, which 
optimize the use of the CAVE and ImmersaDesk 
virtual reality display systems. Participants 
will gain a clear understanding of
 programming techniques used to visualize data 
and objects in the CAVE and ImmersaDesk virtual 
reality display systems.
 They will gain valuable techniques regarding 
the output of their CAVE visualizations into 
other forms of media such as
 videotape, animations and slides. The presenters 
of this course are experts and leading developers 
in the field. They will
 cover topics such as advanced CAVE programming, 
creating collaborative virtual environments, 
tracking calibration,
 lessons learned, attendee specific programming 
questions, and future directions. 

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