August 8 MIRnet user's group meeting

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Mon Aug 7 14:04:31 CDT 2000

I'll be broadcasting this event in the Bridgeport Room

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>Tom, just FYI, I've enclosed latest draft agenda of our meeting for 
>Tuesday's meeting.  Not much of interest here technically - I guess 
>our needs remain the same for the polycom, netmeeting machine, 
>macintosh connection/projector and a standard overhead projector.
>Larry Amiot from Argonne Natl Lab may need an IP connection from his 
>seat to monitor/manage the MCU at Ohio State University if we do a 
>multi-point session.
>I can't remember if I've sent this to you - but we put together a 
>diagram with all IP addresses, etc. for Tuesday's evening.  It is at 
>Thanks for all your help Tom.  We'll see you early tomorrow (Monday) morning.
>Greg Cole, Director
>Center for International Networking Initiatives
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