sdsc mcast issue, igmp join by router??

Rogier, Gordon grogier at
Wed Aug 2 22:37:29 CDT 2000

had a thought (actually remembered another site doing this for the cisco
ip/tv session).....

if sdsc is having msdp SA related problems, could a workaround be to have
the sdsc border router (if i remember correctly it connects to a vbns
router) or whatever peering point router that is suffering the MDSP issue
and all the downstream router peering points..... anyway, have them to do an
IGMP interface join to the required Lucky Labrador (and the possibly to use
ku cisco ip/tv) mcast groups.... this will get sdsc router effectively
connected to next adjacent network's mcast flows as kind of a 'proxy' join
by the edge router.

if a cisco ios this would look something like this on the pim border

   ip igmp join-group           ! ku cisco ip/tv
   ip igmp join-group            ! lucky lab video
   ip igmp join-group           ! lucky lab audio
   ip igmp join-group             ! beacon group

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