Tech visitors to Boston Chautauqua

Russ Wolf russ at
Fri Aug 27 07:44:23 CDT 1999


Just wanted to say I had a wonderful time helping out Gazula and his
crew (Clay, Linwood, Ghafour, David, and Travis) and also working with
John, Barbara, and Margaret.  My experiences in Kentucky can only help
us here at BU to put on a solid and seamless show.

Now on to business, are any of you planning on coming to Boston to help
/ support our Chautauqua efforts ? I believe that Gazula and Ghafour are
planning on attending from Kentucky.  Anyone else ?

I know that Jennifer has put in our schedule some time for a true
technological presentation - show and tell - about how the grid works
for the afternoon in day one.  To me it makes sense if someone from ANL
is here in Boston to moderate the questions, which I'm sure we'll get. 
Is that something that is in the works, or must the parents of the grid
remain in 2D forever ?

Any way everyone is welcome to join us here in Boston.  Maybe we'll find
some lobster to eat.


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