Suggetions for Boston Chautauqua

Ghafour Taghizadeh ghafour at
Thu Aug 26 11:00:12 CDT 1999

I thought this might help for the coming Chautauqua in Boston:

1- Fine tune your PC's network card settings. Make sure the settings match
the ones in the switch, full/half/auto duplex and speed. We had 3 hops from
our PC's to our gateway and we had an excellent transmission (3ms average).

2- The average transmission from the video PC was 300 pps and for some
interactive WEB presentation
it jumped to 1000 pps. I could see this jump choked Argones routers and
crashed Georgia Tech's router on Monday and Wednesday. 

3- Contact the people who are in charge of your vBNS nodes and let them
know about the Chautauqua. So, they will be in stand by in case of  any

4- Monitor you transmission constantly and be in touch with Bill Nickless
and Kevin Thompson on "MUD".

5- As I gathered from the notes on "MUD", there are still some bugs in
Cisco's software in some vBNS' routers. I hope they will fix it by the next



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